by mostlyfiveohthree

Looked at a cool loft in SoMa, it had such a clever and useful floor plan, great light, too, and a couple of decks with some views. Of course there are a bunch of big buts that come along with it as well. SoMa is a lively and interesting part of SF but the crime levels are high and the general level of sketch is likely more than I can deal with especially when I'm on my own and Trevor is in India or Mexico or wherever. There are also two massive builds going up in across the street from the loft building and most of the sunlight we be cut out as the new buildings loom overhead. If I could just pick this place up and move it somewhere else!! Argh!

Looked at a house out near Ocean Beach - too small. And another house in the Miraloma neighborhood, it was on the side of the hill with a massive drop at the back of the house, so vertiginous that after I saw that drop I couldn't look at the rest of the place.

Oh, I feel for you. You are on your home ground, where you know every corner, and yet you can't find a place that you could call home.

Maybe, all of a sudden, on your birthday, you'll find it. :-)
February 18th, 2019  
@octogenarian Thank you, MPe. It's a tough situation, one that is familiar to hopeful home buyers throughout the Bay Area. It's one of the reasons we left for Portland... oh well, hopefully something will materialize.
February 19th, 2019  
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