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For the last 2 of years have I stopped using my Nikon regularly and started using just my phone. However, recently I have started using my DSLR again and I've found my love and passion for photography all come flooding back. I'm in a happy place when I'm doing my photography. I'm inspired learn more and experiment again, like I used to do. There are so many techniques and shots that I have wanted to try, so in my 42nd year I've decided give it a go again.

I completed the 365 Project once, many years ago when I first started taking my photography seriously. I have learned a lot on this little website over the years which is why I am here. It's a great community that not only offers great advice and inspiration, it gives you a chance to see glimpses of other peoples lives and their art.

I am an Australian Mum to a moody but beautiful teenage daughter who means the world to me. I love my crazy family, gardening, walking by the ocean, nature, soulful music, good coffee and art. I'm also a crazy cat lady.