New Clothes Horse by mozette

New Clothes Horse

A few years back, I was at Howard's Storage at Garden City when I spotted this clothes horse there for sale. It was something I really wanted so I could hang my clothes on it when it poured rain. Mum said we could buy one at K-Mart and it'd be cheaper, but when we looked there, we couldn't find one... so it was soon forgotten.

However, I didn't forget it that easily. Each time I went into Howard's Storage, I saw this there and still wanted it; but it was out of my price range.... until recently when I looked at my finances and realised I *could* afford to buy it! Very cool!

So, on Monday, I bussed it to Garden City, looked at it and found it... the last one in stock! And wouldn't you know it? It was still the same price it was 2 years ago! What a bargain! :D
Isn't it great when you find just what you're looking for? Especially when it's something you've been wanting for so long. Great to hear that the price was still the same too!
May 4th, 2012  
Well that comes in handy
May 4th, 2012  
@digitalrn and because the weather hasn't been all that reliable lately, I'm glad I can do two loads of laundry and leave it on this and know my house doesn't look like a Chinese Laundry. :P
May 4th, 2012  
@melissapike The great thing is that when I pulled it out, I found it sticking a little, so I got onto my knees to see if it had brakes on it... and it does! On two wheels, it's got little brakes you bump with your toes and they lock into place so you can't knock it into a wall! How cool is that? :D
May 4th, 2012  
@mozette Ooh, that is cool! I love when things are well-designed!
May 4th, 2012  
@melissapike And it folds up completely to 1/5 this size and fits into my storage facility behind it! I'm so pleased! :D

This one cost me only $109.00 and it was that much 3 years ago too.... and this is something I've been needing for such a long time! :D
May 4th, 2012  
So good! It looks like a great design & holds a lot. :D
May 4th, 2012  
Raining? It never rains in Brisbane, right?
May 4th, 2012  
@melissapike @digitalrn @loey5150 @wilbo43 thank you all for your lovely comments. I love it when the opportunity comes along to replace something in your home and you take it... and it was that same with this clothes horse.

@wilbo43 hehehe... yeah... I know. :P
May 5th, 2012  
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