My Ugly Mug by mozette

My Ugly Mug

This is how I prepare my clothes pegs for the bright and gorgeous colours you've all seen. I clamp them onto a brass chalis (which was once lovely) and paint them white, wait for them to dry, turn them over and repeat. Then, I pick my colours and enjoy the process of creating.

The brown mug, though, I got from my last workplace at RACQ. It used to be my coffee mug there... mine because nobody else liked it and said it was ugly. One day, one of the girls was washing it and bumped it against the sink and the handle broke. She was most upset because it was the only thing in the office kitchen I drank from; and she apologised saying she'd hunt for another good one for me and almost threw it out! I said not to and brought it home. It's been my water cup for my brushes since...
Now I can't throw it out as it's got a lovely historical story to it that takes me back to my last job. And besides, it holds a lot of water and plenty of brushes when I need it to.
Waste not want not is what they say, and everything has its good use
February 20th, 2013  
@digitalrn Too true. And now, I'm so attached to it that I'd hate to drop it that I might be heartbroken that the history of this mug and i would be gone. Or am I just being weird ?
February 21st, 2013  
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