The Buddhist Temple by mozette

The Buddhist Temple

Today, I went out on my first date in years... and I mean years!... with a guy who moved into my unit complex. His name is Paul, and I met him briefly last Friday when he moved in with a friend of mine who has lived here for years.

So, today, Paul caught me working on varnishing my pegs in my carport. Meanwhile, the last load of laundry was being finished up... he waited around until I was ready (which only took until I packed up my pegs that had dried and me hanging out my laundry and I put on some make-up and put on some jewelery) and we were off!
The first stop was The Kingston Buttter Factory where we looked around the craft store and the museum. Then, we stopped off at The Logan Art Gallery and looked at the Lloyd Rees exhibition (which I've seen do the rounds before; but I've been a more extensive one with all of his paintings in a traveling exhibition of his life in 2008... it was wonderful). We headed off to 'Limelight Cafe' then for something to eat and to relax a little.

Then, it was off to the Buddhist Temple at Underwood Road... this is the photo collage above. We had a good time meditating there. I've been meaning to come back here to read, learn the Buddhist ways and meditate once or twice a week. But today, I enjoyed the quiet serenity of the temple as I sat meditating and listening to beautiful music... I do love this place.
Great collage and sounds like you had a good time
August 23rd, 2013  
Very pretty, and I'm sure you had a great time
August 23rd, 2013  
@bkbinthecity @digitalrn I did, but I don't think I'll be seeing him again in that capacity... as a boyfriend; just as a friend. He's nice, but a little childish, talks on the phone while driving (without a hands-free device) and is too trusting of people who treated him badly in the past. And he doesn't like it that I eat healthy, and have my way of living which works for me, and that I eat breakfast my own way... it's as though he thinks we're already together; when we're not. I caught him calling a lot of what I do boring... and he's 2 years older than me.

So, I might see what's on a dating site... ought to be a better pick out there for me.
August 25th, 2013  
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