Gardening In Winter by mozette

Gardening In Winter

Okay, this looks like I did something horrible to my beloved plant, but I didn't.

I back-filled it so the roots had more room to move, and it would grow more over the next two years. However, when I put it into the wheelbarrow, it fell over and a few branches broke off, making it look like this.

Anyway, it's happily leaning back (which is a good thing) and I put a stake in the back of it to keep it standing upright, then watered it in.

Now, it's just got to grow some more branches back and it'll look better by next Summer - will most probably be flowering again.

Funny thing is that it wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be.
It looks good, and I believe it will come around
June 11th, 2015  
looks like you have had it awhile, It looks very healthy!!
June 11th, 2015  
@digitalrn @brillomick Thank you guys... It's settling down again, and looking good again. It was in a little bit of shock, but now it's starting to look okay now the rain is around it's going to get everything it needs. :D
June 14th, 2015  
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