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2018 I’m back on board, hopefully with a bit more perseverance. Still trying to find my balance with work, home, and personal growth. I’ve missed my photography and this community cheers to a new year.

I have missed the 365 community and found myself checking in just to see how everyone was getting on. I missed the support and your adventures, so cheers to a new year! I brought a friend along: check out Frozensparrow and lets encourage her along. Buckle up my fellow 365ers...it's gong to be a crazy ride!!!

A wife, mother, and lover of photography, as well as a woman who's facing the prospect of an empty nest! Embarking on a new phase in life that allows me to get reacquainted with myself, while also, finally, being able to start really exploring the vast world of photography. Looking forward to this 365-day journey!