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Hi, Mary here, so why have I decided to embark on a 365 project? Well here goes... I want to loose weight! Odd reason to join a 365 right? Yep, I think so too but I have decided that this year is the year I finally achieve my goal to get healthy and I also love photography and would like to be able to make a career of it in the future, so I have decided to combine the two to motivate me firstly to practice my photography skills and secondly to encourage me to stick to my weight loss ambition.
Last year I gave birth to my beautiful 9mth old daughter and I want to give her the best of me so being overweight and having bad eating habits is not where I want to be, I want to enjoy playing with my munchkin but have limited mobility due to chronic back pain and I know that loosing weight will help. I have tried the conventional routes of slimming groups but they are not for me so here I am. I never thought I would find myself sharing something so personal to me but I'm going to give it a go.
Please join me on this journey, I promise my album is not going to be full of plates of salad (there will be some :) or "look at me" selfies[there might be some of these if things are going well :D), I have a very charismatic cat, a very photogenic daughter, a camera shy partner and I live in the glorious Derbyshire countryside so I think I will be able to find inspiration to keep things interesting.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Snapping...