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Thank you for looking at my photos. I live in Michigan, USA, am a mother of four, and work as a church organist and piano teacher. I have always enjoyed photography, and it took me quite a while to embrace digital photography. But now, I thoroughly enjoy taking vast quantities of photos and the post-processing that wasn't possible earlier. I try to incorporate both documenting my life's journey (diary) and artistic attempts at photography in this 365 project.

Now that I am finishing my second year on 365, I want to express my appreciation to this community for their kind support, which extends well beyond the critiques of photography. It has been an extreme pleasure to get to know so many wonderful and caring people from all over the world. Your support has been invaluable during this rough 2015, as I fought breast cancer. Having this project to focus on each day has had great therapeutic value. I look at the world differently when I look for a photo op each day. I notice details of lighting and the smallest of nature's delights when I view the world as a photographer. Then the "fun" of post processing can make things look so different and I love to see the effects. But the best part is communicating with all these new, special friends, many of whom I share common interests. This 365project is one of the best things I ever started, and I am glad to keep going. Thank you for taking the time to look at and comment on my photos. On to another year!