Day 2 - Paddling on the Beach by muddledmum

Day 2 - Paddling on the Beach

So today was a good day. Not brilliant but good. We are currently on vacation but we all have heavy colds which is stopping us having adventures. But we did make it to a nice beach for the afternoon, and we had a lovely time. Tiny had her first paddle in the sea, and for a little while I felt light and in the moment. That’s such a rare thing for me - I feel I’m constantly fighting my brain, or just weighed down by life. But today did feel light for a while. I could have stayed on that beach forever. It was so frustrating to have to go back to the car because hubby was feeling ill - I think I did find a happy place for a bit, and leaving made me sad. How do I find more of those moments where my brain can just ‘be’?

Three good things:
1. Paddling in the sea with my tiny person
2. Ice cream on the harbour
3. The smell of freshly shampooed baby hair
July 22nd, 2021  
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