Go to work on an egg by myzsteriousmizsterjones

Go to work on an egg

I thought I'd probably have to do quite a bit of work on this egg because I took it in a hurry (eat, or take endless photos of your breakfast going cold? That's an easy question, really!), but apart from straightening (I seem to always be 1-2° off from true when I take photos) this is not only straight-out-of-camera, it's also the one and only photo I took. Once in a while the luck I experience is the good kind!

(Another go at a high key shot, because it's fun.

I think if I did it over then I'd place the spoon behind the egg cup, but hey, I'm happy enough with what I've got :) )
It is a nice high key shot.
I wonder if you could tell that 1-2 degrees by eye...
November 23rd, 2021  
@monikozi I know I could, but maybe only because I know it's there in every shot I take.
November 23rd, 2021  
@monikozi And thank you, by the way :)
November 23rd, 2021  
This is great! I'm usually pulled towards the "dark side" of low key pics, but this one may have changed my approach. And I have a digital level in my viewfinder and still have to correct for tilt! :-D
November 23rd, 2021  
Really nice photo of an egg. I'd be quite happy with this shot in 1 go!
November 23rd, 2021  
Love high key for this shot. It looks like you are new here, so welcome.
November 23rd, 2021  
Lovely! Very nicely composed.
November 23rd, 2021  
November 24th, 2021  
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