As a Rule... by myzsteriousmizsterjones

As a Rule...

...nothing goes right.

I'd intended today#s shot to be similar to yesterday's - I was planning on "smashing" the egg on camera. Or at least pre-smashing it, just capturing the spoon whistling down towards the egg. What I thought was, if I take a photo of the egg then a separate shot of the moving spoon, then combining them in the "darkroom", I could have several attempts at capturing the movement without worrying about breaking the egg.

So Mizster Jones took the photo of the egg, and everything was lovely. He removed the egg and... the light changed significantly. It hadn't been bright and sunny to start with, but it suddenly went very dim. The white background was now grey, meaning it would have made the image merging more difficult.

So here, have this instead.

I'm sure there's a decent photo involving this folding ruler somewhere, though I'm not convinced this is it (it's a subject to revisit, maybe), so quite heavily edited in an attempt to add some kind of interestingess (totally a word!) to it.
Well... the ruler elements converge to the right. So the point of the ruler is right. So much for the rule 😀
I'm just trying to be supportive
November 24th, 2021  
Nice recovery. I think on a different day, you can retry your eggsperiment.
November 24th, 2021  
lol, @monikozi Thank you for the humour and the support :)
November 24th, 2021  
@shutterbug49 Maybe, one day. I thought I was on an (egg) roll!
November 24th, 2021  
Like the way you described your thought process. Something so simple yields that great photo.
November 24th, 2021  
Sorry, I made a mistake in the title which cannot be changed! It is 137, thanks for the entry 😊
November 24th, 2021  
Keep going, keep trying and keep thinking. LOL! Only a handful of what I upload are what I set out to shoot. =)
November 24th, 2021  
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