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Hello! I am a retired elementary music teacher in the great state of Texas! My sister got me interested in this project. I really love her pictures and admire her eye for beauty. Seeing her pictures was enough to get me started, but since then it has been fun to document life on a daily basis. I love taking a look at the world through so many different eyes! Thank you for getting me started Wannabe!

Day 232 Update... That went fast! I'm still enjoyng looking at the beauty around the world. There is so much variety! The title of my album is Soli Deo Gloria. This idea and your encouraging comments keep me going.


2015 Update:
I came back for the journaling aspect of the project. It is so nice to see the blessings in each day, especially in the summer when the days go by so quickly. I have added a grandson since the last time I did the project and he is a fantastic photo subject. In my time away from 365 I enjoyed documenting school life with Twitter and I enjoy making Animoto videos. Time on 365 helped me with both.