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Both jobs have been good today and there's been a really nice mix of stuff between the two. I'm super excited for some stuff I've got coming up. It's really nice to have the headspace to be able to think, communicate, remember things, and to just get on with stuff. It's also nice to have been able to work on my perfectionism enough to not stress about doing everything on a Monday (and working way over my hours). Alsooooo, I've noticed this week that even though I'm still sleeping a lot, I've definitely improved my stamina since I was discharged from hospital, so that's a relief because part of me worried that I'd never be able to do as much as I could when I was running on illness.
great to appreciate the steps forward
November 26th, 2018  
Great improvements. Nice to read you can manage it and doing great.
By the way, I like you pic.`s
November 26th, 2018  
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