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Well, I am back at it. I am going to start posting on 365 again. When I did this before it was a wonderful way to charge my creative juices. Taking a picture everyday and posting it helped me look at the world around me. I feel the need to start the journey again. I look forward to continuing to see all what the other 365'ers here are doing.

I took an Iphoneography class and really enjoying it. It is fun exploring the environment around me and also learning to use my iphone and manipulating the photos that I take. I am just using my iphone for this year, I have a Nikon and it is hard not posting photos taken with that camera too.

Happy 2014 to all.
I am well into my second year of 365, since early November, and I am enjoying it everyday. I am glad I stuck to my goals for the first year, using only my Iphone, posting everyday, learning apps. Year two is much different, using whatever camera I have at the time, using photos from other days when I need to. But I have found that it became a habit and a habit I am glad to continue. I am continuing to learn everyday. I also appreciate all of you, viewing the world through your lens is a privilege. I try and take time to look at all of your photos. I appreciate it when you view mine.