Drag Racers on The Start Line by netkonnexion

Drag Racers on The Start Line

Once the scrutineers have OK'd the car to race it moves to the start line. This shot, taken right near the start line, shows what happens.

Two cars race although often only a singleton as here. Two cars add pace but they race against the clock. The black box on the ground, right of the white raceway sign, contains a laser. It starts race-time as the front tyre breaks the beam. Drivers watch the 'christmas tree' which has a series of lights on it. Amber (several of these at 4/10ths sec. intervals) means 'Ready'. Then green - GO! Red puts the hold on the next driver. Race statistics show driver reaction time - the time from the green to the breaking of the light beam.

Tyres are strictly regulated. They're concrete-hard to kick, with a low melting point to literally melt off rubber on the run - helping the grip. The power transmitted through the tyre is incredible. Here you see the back tyre deform from the power applied. They wrinkle as if the rubber were paper thin. [Use the magnifying glass].

Many car designs require wheelie-bars (like this car) to prevent the car from flipping backwards. Engine force lifts off the front wheel at the line and every gear-change. More on wheelie-bars... http://365project.org/netkonnexion/anotherone/2011-05-30

This event, the European Championships, is held at Santa Pod Raceway each year - an old wartime airport. Races cover a quarter of a mile - 1320 ft - in Europe (1000ft In America). The cars reach a possible terminal velocity of over 300 mph. They race in a straight line - any attempt to turn the car would tear it apart or roll it.

There are a number of classes. In some, you can race various body designs. The fuel type, engineering, safety and tyre standards have strict rules which are rigerously applied. Most drivers take great pride in their cars which are beautiful, shiny and very expensive.

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Great action shot!
June 1st, 2011  
Digging this series!
June 1st, 2011  
That's a lot of information regarding drag racing. I can't even imagine going 350 MPH in a car! Brave souls. Great capture of this car on two wheels!
June 1st, 2011  
good traction shot
June 1st, 2011  
great pic of an exciting event.
June 1st, 2011  
Cool looking car.
June 1st, 2011  
Good job !
June 1st, 2011  
This could be the Ant Hill Mob's car from Wacky Races!!
June 8th, 2011  
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