Identify this! No. 1. by netkonnexion

Identify this! No. 1.

I love photographs of the obscure, the peculiar, the difficult to identify - shots that challenge the eye and the perception.

I am going to do a series of pictures here that will look at the world in a different way or look at different things you might not know. I want you to identify the photograph or object.

Each time I put the next shot up I will identify the previous one. Have fun.

I might give away an award (notional) if you answer with a fun answer and it is wrong. But you get a special "Doohicky Award" if it is a really inventive answer, is plausible and fun. Have a go - everybody enjoys the game!

Here is the first one. A simple one as a starter. What is it?

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looks like an orange
May 11th, 2011  
Ok I am game, how fun!. I am guessing a cherry tomato.
May 11th, 2011's an orange
May 11th, 2011  
Humm. I'm thinking orange, too. Cool shot.
May 11th, 2011  
this could be a trick.. it could be a tangerine :)
May 11th, 2011  
@mikegl71 I thought it might be a trick, that is why I said a tomato (but not completely ripe), I was looking for the dimples in an orange and did not see any here....maybe a tangerine??? :)
May 11th, 2011  
yup my guress is orange as well
May 11th, 2011  
Egg yolk. Just to go against others.. ;-)
May 11th, 2011  
Maybe a tomato -- I think this is the one that I got on my subway sandwich the other day!! LOL
May 11th, 2011  
I'm going to go with a ball!
May 11th, 2011  
I think it is an egg yolk as well, great shot as well.
May 11th, 2011  
An orange?
May 11th, 2011  
An egg
May 12th, 2011  
@mikegl71 @scooter @scooter @oonautaku10 @oonautaku10 @mittens @andifree @oyama @juletee @aj1268 @veekay @superflygal747 @allegresse

OK everyone. The answer to "Identify This! No. 1" is right over the page... and so is the next challenge.

May 12th, 2011  
I would have said orange or tomato - I've had tomatos this color.
May 12th, 2011  
An egg!
June 22nd, 2011  
Possibly an orange thing with a textured surface that might be vibrating or maybe not.
June 24th, 2011  
let's say n egg
August 1st, 2011  
egg yolk...
November 24th, 2011  
Looks much like a yolk,but lets go with a Jelly bean
November 25th, 2011  
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