Identify This! No. 20 by netkonnexion

Identify This! No. 20

Here is the identity challenge for today. What is it?
Have fun...

More about the "Identify This" challenge...

Yestderday you saw...
The "Identify This!" picture yesterday showed that there are a lot of motorsport enthusiasts out there. The picture showed the wheelie bars from the back of a drag racing motorcycle. You can see a simular bike in action here...
A series about drag racing...
The first drag racing article...

Well done everyone who knew about wheelie bars.
Hands up everyone who bluffed through this one? (No @brumbe it had nothing to do with land yachts!)

Thanks everyone. I love your comments - so does everyone else.


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My guess is an unmuffled earphone.
May 30th, 2011  
Speaker cone?
May 31st, 2011  
Positive end of a AAA battery.
May 31st, 2011  
speaker of some king?
May 31st, 2011  
umm.. a barbell plate?
May 31st, 2011  
It looks like a roller skate wheel but with a pimple...LOL,other than that, I am clueless once again...ha ha these challenges!
May 31st, 2011  
Ummmm, a dinner plate?
May 31st, 2011  
A frizbee.
May 31st, 2011  
a button?
May 31st, 2011  
the microphone part of an old phone?
May 31st, 2011  
Oh i am lost on this one
May 31st, 2011  
Yup, I like the battery suggestion also
June 1st, 2011  
saucer for your tea or coffee.
June 1st, 2011  
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