Identify This No. 132 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 132

What is this venerable object? Respect is the key issue!
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Yes folks, these are modeling or craft matches. In the UK we can buy them in bags of 5,000 or 10,000 at a time. Great fun for all sorts of things crafty. But I also use them as hole plugs for screws to help take up the slack when fixing things. Really useful things.

Honorable mentions...
Kaz Bellie - naked match sticks? Headless matchsticks? craft sticks. Net says:-->> Excellent! Naked matches. Love that answer. A Doohicky award! And you got it right! Yeehaa!

Shirley Chetwynd - match sticks with heads hidden. Net says:-->> LOL, they are hiding them under their wings obviously! Nice one. A Doohicky award!

Howard N - Rejected wooden matches is what we are seeing in this image. The quality control team at the local wooden match factory rejects the above for their inablity to light on the first strike. They are bundled and then sold as kindling. Or, maybe not... If previous is not correct (which I doubt) could it be a square spaghetti substitute? Net says:-->> Some lovely ideas there Howard! A huge LOL for me. Nice one. A doohicky award! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

Vicki Kell - shish kabab sticks. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Rick Schies ace
I can tell you that they remind me of those potatoe snack sticks. I love them. But I must say they are probably craft sticks. Net says:-->> They ARE craft sticks. They would be awfully crunchy as potato chips! Wow! They would really hurt! LOL...

Paula Brumbe - tiny pieces of wood. Net says:-->> LOL, nice try, they are, but what are they for?

Alta D© - This is what you use when you run out of toothpicks. =) Net says:-->> Ohhh! A bit blunt for tooth picks. My gums hurt already - LOL...

Mike Warren - Cop stocks from a Chinese party. Net says:-->> Cop Stocks! Cool. you mean I have been eating my Chinese with cops all these years? A Doohicky award for total absurdness! LOL> yeeha!

Thanks for popping by. Fun ideas.

Hope to see ya soon!

My other albums today:
Spoon spatula
September 27th, 2011  
A weirdly shaped spoon or a baby shovel perhaps.
September 27th, 2011  
for tea bags?
September 27th, 2011  
A coal shovel for Richy Rich
September 27th, 2011  
A silver dust pan. They used to have specila brushes to sweep crumbs off the tables into little dustpans, and this is one.
September 27th, 2011  
A spoon.
September 27th, 2011  
Kitty litter scooper upper.
September 27th, 2011  
This is a dust pan of an aristocrat. Used in the homes of the nobility and elite, where their dust and crumbs are worthy of no less than sterling.
September 27th, 2011  
this is easy i saw these on the discovery channel - back in the day of King Aurther and the round table - these were used to flatten the knights tongues
September 27th, 2011  
Don't know what it's proper name is but I think its the implement you use when stir frying in a wok.
September 27th, 2011  
I change my mind. You can only find this item in the very finest of tack shops. We don't see them often in New England as this is not "horse country." The item pictured is a barn shovel for thoroughbred race horses.
September 27th, 2011  
I think it is a little salt shovel.
September 27th, 2011  
Duhhh, dunno.
September 27th, 2011  
hamburger flipper...
September 28th, 2011  
a silver flour scooper
September 28th, 2011  
Since the clue said "respect is the key issue" I would say this is the Honorable Mr. Shiny Shovel,Sir? =)
September 28th, 2011  
a smacking device!!
September 28th, 2011  
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