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Identify This No. 133

You might need some support to work this one out... What is it?

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Whowha! Too, too easy. I really muffed up. Everyone got this one. Bad news. I think I need to go on an identify_this graduatied difficulty course! The object was of course a roll of black sacks, rubbish sacks, garbage bags... OK you got the idea.

Honorable mentions...
scooter - I am going with rolled up garbage bags....No one here to copy from! LOL Net says:-->> Well you did just fine! Well done. Correctomundo. Right! On the nail! Excellontio maximus! Nice one... OK you get the idea. Yeaaaaaha!

Paula Brumbe - this photo is just pure rubbish, bags that is. Net says:-->> Ha! Yes you are absolutely right. Pah! I need to work harder at making it harder. LOL> I will put all my spares shots in a rubbish bag and start again. LOL>...

Rick Schies - A roll of garbage bags, looks like about 30 gallon size. Net says:-->> Wow. I did not expect a size. I have no idea what size they are. So you caught me on the hop! [Note, you did not catch me in a rubbish sack race]. A Doohicky award for cleverness! Yeeha!
posted September 26th, 2011 delete | reply

Alison Bailey - Yup, rubbish bags. They seem to have been given a slight sepia treatment, so I guess they are of a special vintage. '93 was a very good year for rubbish bags, so maybe then. Or maybe they aresome of the really rare '87. The plastic crop was very low that year but what there was was of superb quality which is why they would have lasted so well if stored properly on their sides. Whitter, whitter. Net says:-->> Excellent answer. LOL (extreme). Loved this one. A Doohicky Award! YYYYEEEEHAAA!

june milner - first i thought a roll of draught-proofing , but now see the cylinder so sheeplike follow the others. Net says:-->> Drat and double drat! You should have stuck with it. Then I would have had at least one wrong answer! Tee hee. Nice one.

Lesley Barber - Yes...could be draught proofing...? Net says:-->> Sadly for you, no. In fact it was a roll of rubbish sacks. Phew! I thought there for a minute I was going to be completely wiped out! LOL. Good effort.

Well done people. I think ya-awll got me! Nice one for you. I am off to lie down and recover my dignity!

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Crutch or walker foot
September 27th, 2011  
Agree with Brian.
September 27th, 2011  
ah something I am an expert on. These are the thingie non skid stoppers for crutches, canes and walkers. Now mind you these are not the fancy upgraded tennis ball walker skid alongs seen down at the senior center.
September 27th, 2011  
Amazed so many recognise thsi , and my sympathies for them as they know it so well. @brumbe
September 27th, 2011  
In Connecticut we call the above pictured item a 'crutch tip.' It's used as Paula said.
I suppose you could also use it, if you had an ink pad available, as a rubber stamp to make mini, miniature shooting targets... but why would anybody want to do that?
September 27th, 2011  
Yep, looks like the tip of a walker or crutch to me.
September 27th, 2011  
Shower curtain rod rubber end fitting
September 27th, 2011  
ok - my turn - a very small speaker - mac'ed. - for an aunt hill concert!
September 27th, 2011  
something for the end of a cane so that when you put down your cane or crutches they don't fly out from under you - so you have really good support!
September 27th, 2011  
End of a Walking Stick !
September 27th, 2011  
Yes, looks like a rubber tip for a walking stick. If it was made of iron you'd call it a ferrule. but it isn't, so you can't - and maybe it's not for a walking stick at all (said she in an attempt to hedge her bets).
September 27th, 2011  
A branding iron, except its rubber!
September 27th, 2011  
I'm going to have to go with the others. A crutch tip, or a cane tip. The question is, why do you have one?
September 27th, 2011  
Rubber tip for a cane
September 28th, 2011  
wow...seems like everyone got it
September 28th, 2011  
I first thought it was a shower head, but then I saw that it was either very much clogged up...or it was missing the holes...then I thought it could be a chair leg tip...
September 28th, 2011  
Cane tip
September 28th, 2011  
agree with everyone above me! =)
September 28th, 2011  
rubber end of a crutch
September 28th, 2011  
Brian said it first :)
October 1st, 2011  
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