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Identify This No. 136

What is this object and what does it do?

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A 'steel', yes, a steel! This is a genuine bone handled steel from a silver set made in the 1920s. In fact it is still in use and because it is a bit worn out it is the best knife sharpener I have got. The edge of knives are sharp and even when sharpened using this excellent old implement. It is the only piece left from that silver set too.

Honorable mentions...
Howard N - This is exactly what it appears to be... a utensil that has a wooden handle and an ivory tip. Obviously , without a plug and cord we can say it is not a small appliance, but rather a manual thingy. The lack of bristles, rules out it being a brush. But it could be wax, or maybe not, and for what reason? I do not know. We don't have them here, and all references to them were destroyed during the war.Net says:-->> What are you going on about Howard? LOL... Fun.

Carole Imes - A knife sharpener? Yes! yeehaaa!!!

Rick Schies - Could be the handle to a paint brush, or a tooth pic for a very large set of teeth :) Net says:-->> Love the tooth pick idea Rick. A doohicky award! Yeeehhhhhhhhhaaaaa!

Lee Gordon - judging by the grooves down its length I would say a sharpening steel. Net says:-->> Yes, thats it - a steel. Well done.!

Paula Brumbe - an eye poking stick. Net says:-->> LOL - Excellent. Love this. Nice one. A Doohicky Award! YyyyyyyyyyyyyyyEEEEEEEEhhaaaaaaa!
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Howard N - I change my mind, it is a steel... I, I, I didn't have my glasses on, the monitor was fuzzy, the phone rang, and the fire in the kitchen distracted me... it's a steel, maybe. Net says:-->> So now you are an expert! LOL. Better late than never. Grin.

Lesley Barber - A soldering iron... Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Kathy A - A leather punch. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Paula Cook-Farkas - It's Minerva McGonagle's wand!!! Doesn't she need that to teach? Net says:-->> Excellent. Nice one. This made me laugh a lot. A Doohicky award! Yeeeehhhhaaaaaa!

Sue Wilde - Steel, probably bone handled and dating from the first half of last century. Very likely part of a carving set which also had a carving fork and knife. Net says:-->> Excellent answer! Spot on! You have the Accuracy of the Day Award! YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEYYHHHHAAAA!

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Hope to see ya soon!

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I'm saying it is a kitchen/cookware accessory because its made by typhoon but as to what it's beyond me!
October 1st, 2011  
This is one of those fancy typhoon generators that you see in the cartoons. The kind Wile E Coyote would buy from Acme, that sets off a natural disaster to decimate your foes.
October 1st, 2011  
I think it's some sort of a burner which may, or may not, run on methylated spirits or kerosene which, again may, or may not, be used to keep something warm. Either that or a fondue set.
October 1st, 2011  
I have no idea.
October 1st, 2011  
I am with Sue it looks like the burner off a fondue set
October 1st, 2011  
Isn't a Typhoon a Hurricane in the Pacific? If it is, this isn't, it is something else. It looks like this device is a capped burner used in a chaffing dish or fondue pot. The upside down spoon looking thingie slides left or right to reveal a wick which is ignited to warm or heat the contents of the vessel above. Or explode depending on the fuel!
October 1st, 2011  
A fondu pot
October 1st, 2011  
Clearly it's a typhoon.
October 1st, 2011  
Clearly this is a lighthouse light, that must be lit whilst pumping the silver spoon like devices...and the warning clearly states that you must keep it away from all typhoons...or it'll blow the light out.
October 1st, 2011  
it is kind of like a mullet hairstyle. A proper sensible vessel on top and shot burning flame on the bottom that is the life of the party.
October 1st, 2011  
I agree with Paula. I think it is thermal switch that where heated will make the light blink.
October 1st, 2011  
Is it a meths burner in a fondue heater?
October 1st, 2011  
I see it's got Typhoon written on it so I think it's a contraption for making cups of tean.
October 1st, 2011  
Cool shot.
October 9th, 2011  
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