Identify This No. 138 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 138

This regular shaped object is should be familiar! What is it?

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Well done some of you clever ones. This is a fondue dipping bowl [in white] and the burner to keep the fondue hot [in stainless steel]. If you don't know what a fondue is, I can only say it is the only dish I like and know to have come out of Switzerland. I am sure there are others. But this is the one I love. Make for a great family meal and is also great fun. But make sure you follow the strick fondue protocol for maximum enjoyment.

Some links...
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Honorable mentions...
Kathy A - I'm saying it is a kitchen/cookware accessory because its made by typhoon but as to what it does... it's beyond me! Net says:-->> Then its time you got into fonues. LOL...

Brad Johnson - This is one of those fancy typhoon generators that you see in the cartoons. The kind Wile E Coyote would buy from Acme, that sets off a natural disaster to decimate your foes. Net says:-->> Brilliant. LOL. Love this. Actually its a Typhoon fondue. I am sure that would have foxed Wile E Coyote! LOL> A Doohicky Award! Yeeee haaaa!

Sue Wilde - I think it's some sort of a burner which may, or may not, run on methylated spirits or kerosene which, again may, or may not, be used to keep something warm. Either that or a fondue set. Net says:-->> Exactomundo! Right on both counts. Yeeeehaaaaa!

Howard N - Isn't a Typhoon a Hurricane in the Pacific? If it is, this isn't, it is something else. It looks like this device is a capped burner used in a chaffing dish or fondue pot. The upside down spoon looking thingie slides left or right to reveal a wick which is ignited to warm or heat the contents of the vessel above. Or explode depending on the fuel! Net says:-->> You got it! Its a table top of cheeze exploder! LOL. Tee hee.... Booooomba! Splat!

Paula Cook-Farkas - Clearly this is a lighthouse light, that must be lit whilst pumping the silver spoon like devices...and the warning clearly states that you must keep it away from all typhoons...or it'll blow the light out. Net says:-->> LOL. Great idea. The burner will set the cheese alight and my house with it and the flames will be seen 50 miles away on the coast and when there is a typoon no ships will attempt to get to my house at 400 ft above sea level. LOL. A great idea. A Doohicky award!

Paula Brumbe - it is kind of like a mullet hairstyle. A proper sensible vessel on top and shot burning flame on the bottom that is the life of the party. Net says:-->> So let me get this right. It is a cheese fondue hat that is used to set your wig alight? And that is a party trick. A wierd one that! LOL... tee hee. A burning wig award for you!!! yeeehaaaa!

Mike Warren - I agree with Paula. I think it is thermal switch that where heated will make the light blink. Net says:-->> Where does the cheese come into this. I will be upset if I don't get my cheese! LOL. Nice one. A DooThermalSwitchy Award for you!!! yaaaheeeE!

Alison Bailey - I see it's got Typhoon written on it so I think it's a contraption for making cups of tean. Net says:-->> It took me a while to catch onto the subtlety of the spelling there. A huge LOL ensued when I got it. Love it. A Doohicky award for sure, with a distinction for missssspelling! Yweeweewweeha!!!

Thanks for popping by. This was a fun one. Hope to see ya soon!

My other albums today:
Disk drive- external
October 2nd, 2011  
Well, I guess something to do with a computer like maybe a router.
October 2nd, 2011  
Touchless electric razor.
October 2nd, 2011  
External drive
October 2nd, 2011  
External hard drive.
October 2nd, 2011  
It's one of those outdated thingies to store things they have clouds!
October 2nd, 2011  
A hard drive
October 2nd, 2011  
@aj1268 ah, but even clouds can have rain, so I love the outdated memory thingies that plug into my magic machine and store all the data of 0 and 1s from my photos
October 2nd, 2011  
It's one of those cute little magic boxes that backs up my photos just before the inevitable faillure of my computer.
October 2nd, 2011  
It's definitely something to do with computers, I worked that out all by myself. That's as good as it gets, though - and if it's to do with technology, that's very good - coming from me . :-D
October 2nd, 2011  
PS Thank you for my Doohickey award for no.136, but could I have a Missusspelling one instead, please, because I am a married woman? Thank you. :-)
October 2nd, 2011  
Yep this is definitely an external hard drive.... )
October 2nd, 2011  
hard drive ... or could be an emergency battery for things like mobile phones , sat navs etc if you have no in-car charger
October 2nd, 2011  
Some kind of a router for a computer?
October 3rd, 2011  
i know this! an external hard drive to store all your photos! =)
October 3rd, 2011  
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