Identify This No. 139 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 139

This odd shaped object is about maleness, well, for the most part! What is it?

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Actually this is quite interesting. It is Florence Flask, or boiling flask. It comes in two varieties - with a rounded bottom and a flat bottom. Unfortunately I have the flat bottom. It comes from spending so much time in front of the computer. LOL. You can find out a bit about this flask here...

Honorable mentions...
mittens (Marilyn) - A vase with a selfie in it? Net says:-->> Agreed, as long as we are talking about the general tendancy for my hips and bottom to follow this pattern! LOL>

Lee Gordon - would that be a volumetric flask by any chance :) Net says:-->> Good effort Lee. Actually too sophistiated for me. The volumetric flask has a special stopper dohicky for storage and mixing and is measured out in graduated measurements. Intended for mixing/storing the volumetric flask is not as light as the Florence and is not well suited to boiling like the Florence. Still, a Flaskalicious Award for you! LOL.

Sue Wilde - This is not an Erlenmyer flask which is like an upsidedown cone with a flat bottom and a neck. In fact I don't actually think this one has any special chemistry flask. Net says:-->> Another eurodite entry! Wow. The Erlenmyer flask is a conical graduated flask for both boiling and mixing. It is also suited for fitting with a stopper. A sort of optimal situation for dealing with chemicals. However, the Erlenmyer is usually used for approximate measurements not accurate ones. But it is suited for titration work since the length of the neck is shorter than the other two above. Good attempt. I am giving you the second Flaskalicious award for tonight! Yeehaa! LOL.

Doug O. - A rose vase - holds a small quantity of said roses. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Kathy A - Used for mixing chemicals in scientific experiments. Net says:-->> Yeehaaa. Correctomundo. !!!

Howard N This is a volumetric flask used in connection with Mr. Net's "do-it-yourself" home distillery. Something drips into the flask via a long copper coil. The content of the flask is then transferred to a glass containing ice (or not) and consumed. Net says:-->> Wow, so I am an alcoholic now as well as a torturer! I guess I will have to take a drink now to absorb this news! LOL. Nice one Howard. A Doohicky award - drip by drip! Yeeeehaaa!

Rick Schies - Oh that's a tough one. Net says:-->> Well, a glass one anyway! LOL...

Brad Johnson - A Frankenbeaker. Net says:-->> Ha ha ha! Love that idea. A Doohicky award! yeeha!!!

Paula Cook-Farkas - Something tells me you're up to something here...concocting something in this here flasky thingy...perhaps another Identify this? ;) Net says:-->> Ah ha! Caught me. I was cooking up fiendish potion to change myself into a photogenic being so I don't crack the lens when someone tries to photog me! Drat - foiled again!!! LOL.

Mike Warren - It's Walter Bishop's brandy snifter. Doesn't know if you get the TV series Fringe in the UK. Net says:-->> Love that show! LOL a lot. Loved this comment. Great interpretation. A brandy flavoured Doohicky award to you! Yeeee haaa!!!

Eddy J. W. - Test tube or i stand corrected...Net..nicely done. Net says:-->> Actually not a test tube. Silly distinction, but a test tube is the same width all the way up. LOL. This is a sort of test-not-tube. Hee hee!!!!

eva - Whatever it really is - it would make a great vase or an even better wine decanter. Net says:-->> Too light for a vase. Anything sticking over the top would overbalance it. Now a decanter I could live with. A Doohicky award for you! Yeeehaaaa!

Alison Bailey - A laboratory flask? Net says:-->> Yes. Definately got the idea. But I did like the description by Brad... A Frankenflask. Love it. Nice one.

Interesting information and ideas tonight. Good fun too. See ya soon!

My other albums today:
Looks like a radiator key
October 2nd, 2011  
I've got this...very similar to "brass knuckles", this is an "iron finger", and causes sharp pain when someone wearing it thumps you on the noggin.
October 2nd, 2011  
A stud remover for getting studs out of football boots.
October 2nd, 2011  
actually looking at it I think Kathy is right, tut.. radiator key... what a numpty :D
October 2nd, 2011  
stob remover from footy boots.
October 2nd, 2011  
It is an adaptor wrench for a valve
October 2nd, 2011  
It is an attachment that goes onto a piece of metal (bolt, screw, fastner) that then gives you a handle for turning leverage.
October 2nd, 2011  
It's a thingey for giving you some leverage for when you're twisting those other thingeys out so that you can change them.
October 2nd, 2011  
looks like an attachment to a vacum cleaner
October 2nd, 2011  
I agree with the others, it's used to remove football boot studs. Radiator keys are hexagonal (I think).
October 2nd, 2011  
It's one of those things where someone says "It's a ....... " and you think "Of course it is, why didn't I think of that?"
October 2nd, 2011  
Scratches head... Mmmmmmm... scratches head a bit more... mmmmmm and have to agree with the others... its used on football boots to remove studs.....
October 2nd, 2011  
have no idea but the others sound good
October 2nd, 2011  
If this is about male-ness , it implirs there is a female-ness equivalent .How about a cover for ahosepipe connector to stop freezing in winter.
October 2nd, 2011  
I think football stud removers have an additional part which you insert and that part is square...this is a 3 edged got me..??
October 3rd, 2011  
Hmm, male-ness? For me a "screwer" is synonymous to male-ness. ha! =)
October 3rd, 2011  
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