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Here is an object of historical interest. What is it?

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Yes, it was in fact a stud fastener/remover for football or rugby boots. Easy!

Honorable mentions...
Lee Gordon - Looks like a radiator key Net says:-->> OK, a second chance on this one.... read on... LOL.

Brad Johnson - I've got this...very similar to "brass knuckles", this is an "iron finger", and causes sharp pain when someone wearing it thumps you on the noggin. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Kathy A - stud remover for getting studs out of football boots. Net says:-->> Correctomundo! Yeeeehaaa!

Lee Gordon - actually looking at it I think Kathy is right, tut.. radiator key... what a numpty :D Net says:-->> See, told you it was worth a second go... LOL. Nice one.

Shirley Chetwynd - stob remover from footy boots. Net says:-->> Stunned here! Never heard them called 'stobs' before. Do horses get put out to 'stob' as well? Plausible. LOL. Nice one.

Rick Schies - It is an adaptor wrench for a valve Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Paula Brumbe -
It is an attachment that goes onto a piece of metal (bolt, screw, fastener) that then gives you a handle for turning leverage. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Sue Wilde - It's a thingey for giving you some leverage for when you're twisting those other thingeys out so that you can change them. Net says:-->> Er... yes! As precise as we are going to get if we are totally unclear! LOL a nice description...

bkb in the city - looks like an attachment to a vacuum. cleaner Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Rob - I agree with the others, it's used to remove football boot studs. Radiator keys are hexagonal (I think). Net says:-->> Correct. But radiator keys come in all sorts of shapes. So not an impossible consideration.

Alison Bailey - It's one of those things where someone says "It's a ....... " and you think "Of course it is, why didn't I think of that?" Net says:-->> Actually I have several of those.... LOL>

Jane - Scratches head... Mmmmmmm... scratches head a bit more... mmmmmm and have to agree with the others... its used on football boots to remove studs..... Net says:-->> Let me check I have this right. Its an "mmmmmmm" to put scratches onto the studs in footballers heads. LOL. Nice one.

june milner - If this is about male-ness , it implirs there is a female-ness equivalent .How about a cover for a hosepipe connector to stop freezing in winter. Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy! Its about maleness because most games that requires studs are rather macho.

mag - I think football stud removers have an additional part which you insert and that part is square...this is a 3 edged got me..?? Actually it is a stud fitter/remover. However, it is one of at least three different types that I know of. My sons rugby coach keeps three different ones in his bag to help out the boys. There are other types too. So it is all a bit technical. LOL. Life is never simple.

Alta D© - Hmm, male-ness? For me a "screwer" is synonymous to male-ness. ha! =) Net says:-->> OK that is just plain naughty. But fun. Joke of the day to you! Nice one.

Thanks for popping by. Interesting one today. Hope to see ya soon!

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plumb line
October 3rd, 2011  
never heard of that before.
always lots to learn
October 3rd, 2011  
A ring sizing thing.
October 3rd, 2011  
? spindle from a spinning wheel?
October 3rd, 2011  
Pill crusher?
October 3rd, 2011  
October 3rd, 2011  
something which holds yarns or threads for weaving?
October 3rd, 2011  
Bobbin for sure...
October 3rd, 2011  
It is no doubt an old thing made of wood with some metal at the end that has a bit of rust on it. Depending on the length of the gizmo I would say it is a measuring device used to determine how much wine/spirit is left in the bottle. A dip stick of sorts used by the visually impaired primarily, and a collectors item for sure.
October 3rd, 2011  
A wooden antenna for picking up signal in the 1830's? Actually I think Marilyn had a good guess.
October 3rd, 2011  
Something to hold a large spool of thread. Somehow I know I have seen one of these before. You always get me thinking-love that.
October 3rd, 2011  
It's a wooden thing with a metal bit on the end... derrrr...
October 3rd, 2011  
Antique thread bobbin.
October 3rd, 2011  
Okay... going to make a right idot of myself now... but just wondered if it could be something to do with holding a scroll.... thingy wotsit.... okay walks off very quickly feeling very embarassed... lol!!
October 3rd, 2011  
Is it the spindle that holds the string to start and old fashioned toy.. a spinning top.
October 3rd, 2011  
A spindle from a textile factory?
October 3rd, 2011  
It's obviously a whack a mole stick!
October 4th, 2011  
Stumped, as usual.....
October 4th, 2011  
Not a spindle and not a bobbin, but maybe a smasher thing.
October 4th, 2011  
Darn!! Or should I say "weave"? ;-) One I really knew the answer to and I'm too late to show off my knowledge.
I've never seen them converted to spoons though; it's usually biros or skipping ropes.
October 4th, 2011  
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