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Identify This No. 148

What is this object? Obviously at the cutting edge...

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Previously you saw a curtain rod end (knob on its side) and the mounting bracket end (knob on its upright). So, I think most people got it... Nice one. This was taken in my dining room. Although I have never actually dined on these objects, they look delicioius!

Honorable mentions...
DavidCHR - Curtain rod ends... Net says:-->> Yaya! Correct.

Kathy A - Chair feet? Net says:-->> Interesting interpretation. Time to get legless? OK a Doohicky award!

Jane - Curtain knob end thingy wosits :)))))))))) Net says:-->> I note a certain lack of precision here! LOL>

Paula Brumbe - it is a knob and a spare, in the brass variety. I would say drawer pulls over curtain rod pulls since we are sans rod. Net says:-->> Agreed, I carefully took out the rod which passes throught the curtain one millimeter to the left in the uncropped shot! LOL. Oooops! Wrong, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

Howard N - Curtain rod ends for curtain rods that go in two different directions. One would ask, why? two different directions! Another might ask, where are the rods? Something is not right with this picture. Is it the photographer? :) Net says:-->> Definitely a photog problem. The photog has lost his rod ends. Very painful! LOL.

Carole Imes - Looks like some kind of rollup blinds with drapery hardware but strangely arranged ;-). Net says:-->> Oooops! No, but a Doohicky Award! Yaahy!

mittens (Marilyn) - Definitely something to do with curtains. They are pretty knobs. Net says:-->> Why thank you! Not often a lady complements me on my knobs! LOL>

Alta D© - My husband said it's a scroll at first glance. I'll come back for his 'second glance' answer. Net says:-->> Is he a Knight? Sir Glancealot? LOL

Sue Wilde - They only look like curtain rod ends because of the curtain thingy...They're actually doorknobs to open the door to the curtain place. Net says:-->> Cool idea but wrong, a "Doohicky Award!" Yaheee!

Steve Maidwell - Finials on a curtain pole! Net says:-->> Stunningly accurate and precise! Yeahooo! Smart Alec of the day Award to you. Nice one. LOL.

Alison Bailey - Well, they certainly look like the ends of curtain rods, but the vertical one is a bit puzzling. Net says:-->> tee hee! Why do you think I posted it. My fiendish and fickle mind at work again!

Rick Schies - Curtain rod end dooma higgy Net says:-->> dooma higgy! dooma higgy? OK Doohicky award for funny word usage. LOL... Nice one.
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Paula Cook-Farkas - Umm, it's a foldable door with a built-in other-dimension room. Net says:-->> So not Dr. Who, more like Dr. Rod End? - Do you even have Dr. Who on your side of the pond? You probably think I am being completely off my rocker! Google Him. Fun! A doohicky award for you.

Serious illness in my close family and a severe workload has meant that I am finding it difficult to comment at the moment. Thanks for your comments and continued support. I love all the things you say and I promise to get round to all your shots when I can.

Thanks for popping by. Hope to see ya soon!

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Is this a wood-turning tool?
October 14th, 2011  
ummm is it a chisel,you know to chisel away the time when you have time.
October 14th, 2011  
I'm stumped...
October 14th, 2011  
Some sort of tool.
October 14th, 2011  
Business end of a wood chisel
October 14th, 2011  
dooma higgy is an old Pa Dutch term
October 14th, 2011  
To me it looks like the end of one of the ''arms'' of a scissors!?
October 14th, 2011  
this one looks like a chisel
October 14th, 2011  
Chisel springs to mind!
October 14th, 2011  
Was hoping it was a silver bar for you; but it looks like a wood chisel.
October 14th, 2011  
Chisel, of course
October 14th, 2011  
I'm with Doug
October 14th, 2011  
yep, me too:-)
October 14th, 2011  
Do chisels cut ?

must be a 1900s razorblade.
October 14th, 2011  
It looks like a blade down the side edge, so I don't think it's a chisel. That's as good as it gets from me :'-(
October 14th, 2011  
I'd say a guillotine if I could spell it.
October 14th, 2011  
a chisel making a point
October 15th, 2011  
Looks like a sort of guillotine but don't think it is.
October 15th, 2011  
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