Identify This No. 154 by netkonnexion

Identify This No. 154

Today we roll on a bit. What is this object?

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Yes, these are conference badge holders. You stick your name tag in there and wander around all day looking gormless and completely ill at ease. Then you get home and your family laugh because you still have it on and everyone thinks you don't know who you are... and you don't! LOL.

Honorable mentions...
Alison Bailey - Fred... Net says:-->> Excellent! LOL. Hugely funny! A Doohicky award! Yeeeeehhhhhaa!

Brian Buccigrossi - ID holders. Net says:-->> Yes! Yeeeehaaa!!! Congratulations.

Kathy A - ID holders complete with clips needed to attach said ID holder to your clothing. Net says:-->> Ah! Precise. Nice one. Yeahasickles!!!

Howard N - It is a pile of ID holders for stealth persons! Net says:-->> Do you need an ID badge if you are sneaking about in the bushes being stealthy? Hmmm! Not sure. LOL Anyway you don't want to be ID'd if you are a stealthy person... Well, you could just have a blank one, then it would still be stealthy even if you got mud on it or got caught. Let me think... er... Hmmm... ah, er... OK - A Doohicky Award! LOL. YEEEEHHAA!

Sue Wilde - Things to tell me who I am when I'm with a whole lot of other people who I don't know either. Net says:-->> Hm! Nice idea. Trouble is, not only do I forget who I am when with lots of other people I also forget to look at my label. So I have no chance really" Yeeeehhhaaaa! A Doohicky award.

Paula Cook-Farkas - Something you shouldn't wear out in public? Net says:-->> Erm... Why not? I am not ashamed of my name. Or am I? Now I am confused! Ah ha! I get it. You don't want to wear yours out in public because you are a zombie and in case people follow you home after a night of eating people and rampaging! OK - A Doohicky award! Yeeee haaaa Sah!

Paula Cook-Farkas - Aren't these specifically designed for Project 365 badges? Net says:-->> Hey! Thats cool. I hadn't thought of that! Maybe I should wear it all day just in case someone from 365 wandered into my house and I needed to have an introduction. Nice idea.

Mike Warren - Badge holder. Net says:-->> Ah yes! But what sort? The one I have on at the moment holds three badges: "Worlds best Dad"! "I'm the BOSS"! And, "Worlds greatest LOVER". With my badge holder holding three badges how will people know which is correct. So I have to tell them that all three are correct. LOL> Actually, wearing that lot the third badge could never come to pass anyway! LOL.

Paula Brumbe - ugh, those tacky plastic badge holders that I refuse to wear unless it is at my waist and not sitting atop my left chestal area. Net says:-->> LOL - Left chestal area! Grin. Excellent. A Doohicky award!

Rick Schies - The old ID badge clip. Net says:-->> Actually they are all new, straight from the packet. LOL. Tee hee!

Thanks for your visit and all your comments I enjoy them all. Hope to see ya soon!

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OK! lets try roller thing for sealing the edges of pastry when you make wontons (let's just see how far that takes everyone off track.)
October 17th, 2011  
You can't fool me @swilde , its a skateboard!
October 17th, 2011  
One of those spurious massager thingies. Or it's for rolling out pastry - very slowly.
October 17th, 2011  
Haven't got the slightest idea.
October 17th, 2011  
Massage roller
October 17th, 2011  
A desert canoe paddle.
October 17th, 2011  
A kitty toy. You hang it up and the kitty paws at the roller part. Oh, just kidding. Maybe a foot massager.
October 17th, 2011  
back massager
October 17th, 2011  
i know this one well! that is the opposite end of a back scratcher..its a massager thing
October 17th, 2011  
hmmm beats me.
October 18th, 2011  
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