Snowy White Horses... by nickspicsnz

Snowy White Horses...

...let me ride away. Who can remember the old TV programme that had that line in its theme tune? It was on TV in the UK in same era as Belle and Sebastian. These carousel horses could do with a bit of a cosmetic touch-up in places.
They're still very appealing nevertheless. Nice capture.
March 24th, 2015  
Yes, but they still have a lot of spunk! Nice shot.
March 24th, 2015  
Nice shot - where are they - Hamilton????
March 24th, 2015  
Nice shot, but live in USA, never heard of that show.
March 24th, 2015  
@susiemc @karengail @miata2u Thanks very much for commenting.
@alinz Thanks. It's a carousel that's down at The Base by the playground.
March 25th, 2015  
One blind, one with cataracts. Even fairground horses are susceptible to the ravages of time.
Irish singer Jackie Lee had a top ten hit with the song.
March 25th, 2015  
I like this image. Sometimes the roundabout horses look too multicoloured and garish, I prefer these, and their run down look gives them character. Had to You Tube that theme tune!
March 26th, 2015  
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