25 June 2011 by nicolecampbell

25 June 2011

I was outside hanging out the washing this afternoon when I nearly stepped on this cute little bug. I grabbed my camera, popped on my new macro filter and took lots of photos. I really like this photo because you can see his little face.

Unfotunately for him our dog Ollie stepped on him as did I when I was hanging out the next load of washing. I forgot that he was on the ground. Poor little thing, I feel quite sorry for him now. :(

This is probably best viewed large.
:) :) :) for the photo, but :( for the critter !!
June 25th, 2011  
love the photo - poor bug ;(
June 25th, 2011  
awesome photo, loving your macro filter, definitely have to get one of those, shame about the praying mantis :(
June 25th, 2011  
fantastic focus on his cute face! =D
June 25th, 2011  
LOVE this! The focus is fantastic, they're so cool :)
June 25th, 2011  
Very cool! Great focus.
June 27th, 2011  
Wow - amazing shot! Love your macro and obviously you do too!
June 29th, 2011  
Really cool shot! Great focus on his little noggin. (As Kermit The Frog would sing, "Its not easy being green...." Be well, Les
July 25th, 2011  
@ltodd @shanne @tkeen @loopy12 @luvthyclassics @ajldesign @clarek @glimpses - I'm ao sorry I forgot to thank you all for your comments. I really do appreciate it.
July 25th, 2011  
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