Day 70, Year Two by nicolecampbell

Day 70, Year Two

July Thumbnail Challenge - Purple

Purple is my favourite colour and I thought it would be an easy subject to photograph today. However, I have now discovered that besides clothes, I don't actually own too many purple things. This is a piece of florist ribbon that I use to decorate presents.
Very nice detail and color... And if you run out of things in the house, there is always the option to go shopping for 365 :-)
July 8th, 2012  
Well that was unexpected! I thought all purple lovers had a least one room of their homes painted in that color! Nice shot Nicole. Your calendar shot looks really pretty!
July 8th, 2012  
@anzere03 - that sounds like a great option :)
@olivetreeann - our bedroom was purple until earlier this year when we purchased a new bed and painted the room green.
July 8th, 2012  
such a simple, beautiful shot! i love purple as well :)
July 8th, 2012  
Lovely shot Nicole. Who would have thought that a piece of purple ribbon can look so good! Your thumbnail looks great too
July 8th, 2012  
*LOVE* this :) Beautiful colour and fantastic composition and capture. Your rainbow worked out perfectly :)
July 8th, 2012  
@luvthyclassics - thank you Jesse
@stuckinoz - I was surprised as you when I looked at this photo. I certainly didn't plan it to turn out like this :)
@alia_801 - thank you so much for the Fav. I love this photo as well, it is one of my favourites.
July 8th, 2012  
Nicely composed!
July 8th, 2012  
Very pretty
July 9th, 2012  
I like this! The dark shadows really make it interesting.
July 11th, 2012  
Beautiful. I love the sheen and the colour and the hint of texture on the ribbon xx
July 16th, 2012  
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