Lost by nicolecampbell


Someone has lost this necklace and someone else kindly placed it on the arm of a bench seat. I hope the owner is reunited with this piece of jewellery.
This looks like a Rosary, it’s lovely. I’m sure it’s owner is looking for it.
May 27th, 2020  
Hope the owner finds it again
May 27th, 2020  
Years ago, I lost a necklace while in Germany, and it was a special gift from a friend. I mourned the loss as I had no clue where I had lost it in a day of moving all around Munich. But days later, while walking to the train station instead of riding my bike as I usually did, I found the necklace! Someone had kindly placed it on an electric box at a height that would catch my eye while walking by. I remember that feeling -- and I hope the owner of this rosary reunites with this and feels that relief and gratitude.
May 27th, 2020  
It looks like a rosary...Nice half n half
May 27th, 2020  
I certainly hope whoever lost this rosary will be able to find it. Maybe they will run across it like @jyokota did.
May 28th, 2020  
@jyokota I am so pleased that you managed to find it. Are you well?
May 28th, 2020  
@nicolecampbell -- thanks for asking. Well in these days has such nuances: I'm healthy physically, and I've been isolated for 77 days. Fortunately I have a backyard I've turned into a bird and squirrel feeding area so I have photo opps. In many ways, I'm relying on 365 to remind myself there are others in the world since living in a suburb means you seldom see people outside your window. How are you doing?
May 29th, 2020  
I hope the owner will come back to take his rosary
May 30th, 2020  
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