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4 Nov 2023 - I cannot believe it is over a year since I last posted. It is wonderful to be back to see so many of you are still here posting beautiful photographs, I have missed you all.
I have been taking photographs during the year and I will post them over the following weeks along with those I will be taking in the future. I hope I can find inspiration looking at your work.

I have been interested in photography on and off for a number of years since I retired.
Since my retirement I have sought a project every year to keep me active.
On learning about the 365 project I decided to give it a go this year.
I am a keen gardener and I expect a lot of my photos will be from my garden and the wider countryside, also the seashore. I am in Scotland where I know there are many photo opportunities and I am told the light is excellent.
Being a learner of this art I will welcome any constructive suggestions as to how I can improve.