let me tell you a story... by northy

let me tell you a story...

for week 45 of the Dogwood challenge - to "tell a complete story by only showing half of it"...

make of this what you will... truth be told, i have no idea what i was doing ;p
Great shot. Many stories to tell.
November 8th, 2018  
Really does tell a story and poses many questions too!
November 8th, 2018  
as always, excellent.
November 8th, 2018  
Brings to mind the inimitable Ronnie Corbett and his meandering monologues
November 8th, 2018  
You were cleverly telling half the story with negative space!
November 10th, 2018  
Let me tell you a story ...
... about a man named Jed. The poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed. Then one day he was hunting for some food when up through the ground came a bubbling crude!
Oil that is ... Black Gold ... Texas Tea.
Well, the next thing you know Ol' Jed's a millionaire and the kinfolk said "Jed move away from here!"
So he loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly ... Hills, that is. Swimmin' pools. movie stars!
(The theme song from the TV show, Beverly Hill Billies)
November 12th, 2018  
November 12th, 2018  
@farmreporter bahaaaaaaa! i watched that show when i was small... i only barely remember it... i used to watch it at a friends house (i think it was on cable - we didn't have cable at the time ;p)
November 12th, 2018  
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