fork 'n window... by northy

fork 'n window...


you know those ideas that are meant to be a quick 5 minute shot... and then it doesn't work - so you try it again... and again... AND AGAIN??????

yeah... one of those...

this is the fault of @humphreyhippo - the other day she said she saw forks... and i thought - well... why not? and now we all know why not... carry on!!!! 🤦‍♀️
I can sympathize- had what I thought was a better idea for the composite shot today, worked on it forever and it will probably never be posted here! At least your fork looks artsy in spite of muddly mess and glaring spot.
April 17th, 2020  
A fork in the window, I took the window less open... (my apologies to Robert Frost)
April 17th, 2020  
why is the fork on the window sill? who placed it there? 😜well, are you cracking up yet? because i am.
April 17th, 2020  
@summerfield yep - going completely squirrelly...
April 17th, 2020  
but it looks like it should be there
April 17th, 2020  
Great results once again.
April 17th, 2020  
Great dof and processing.
April 17th, 2020  
I share your concerns for the rest of the month... I'm clean out of ideas but there’s still lots of month left! I always like your fork shots - this one included.
April 18th, 2020  
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