naptime by northy


crying uncle 😂

@salza challenged me to flat lay this week... a technique i suck at... others do it, and i think: "wow - cool!"... i do it, and i think "meh"... pretty sure this isn't quite what was intended by "flat lay" but it's all i have the bandwidth for just now... i have a couple of ideas to try later in the week... we'll see how things shape up!
@salza - so here's one take on the challenge... will see if i can come up with something better later 🙃
October 27th, 2021  
fun flat lay!
October 27th, 2021  
Well that is what stormtroopers do best, besides missing, that is. Great capture
October 27th, 2021  
This makes me think of Mondays. :)
October 27th, 2021  
He is definitely flat out. Cool interpretation for the challenge.
October 27th, 2021  
October 27th, 2021  
Oh no! What happened to him? You have a lot of fun photo props I've noticed
October 30th, 2021  
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