leave a light on... by northy

leave a light on...


for get pushed this week @robz gave me an interesting challenge... i was to go to a location and take 8 individual shots showing the various components of photography: line, shape, size, depth, tonality, quality of light, pattern, and negative space...

and then put my favourites in a collage...

i found that it was pretty much impossible to isolate the various components... so most images had 2 or more... anyhoo - here are four of my favourites...

i had really wanted to do a series of shots around city hall, but when i was there earlier this week there were too many people milling about... i considered going down town today, but in the end decided to go to the lake instead...

ps - what do folks use for making collages? i have the befunky app, but i am not at all in love with it... and i find PS frustrating to work with for collages...
@robz - voila!
April 20th, 2019  
April 20th, 2019  
Great collage
April 20th, 2019  
cool collage - interesting takes on the lighthouse
April 20th, 2019  
What a great challenge and a superb response to it. I like how you managed to get different exposures and tones in the same lighting situations.
As for collage makers - I just google free collage (I'm cheap, lol!) and choose one. I have used this and it works well:
April 20th, 2019  
What a difficult challenge, you did well.
April 20th, 2019  
You really get the feel of the location. Nice variety. I use the "print" module in Lightroom to make my collages. It's simpler for me since I edit in Lightroom.
April 20th, 2019  
I use PhotoScapeX very basic but allows up to 10 in a collage!

That was a challenging challenge, well nailed though!
April 20th, 2019  
Hi Northy - what a classy response - and your trade mark b&w suits it to perfection. It was really interesting to study each image and identify the components in each one - and the lake as a subject worked very well. I like the way your large image meshes with the 3 small ones to give an impression of 5 in total. I'm afraid I can't offer any collage making clues - my program does them so badly I just make my own in layers. Thanks for going to so much effort to do this - it's a wonderful result. Cheers Rob
April 21st, 2019  
A tough but wonderful challenge from @robz and met with aplomb.
April 21st, 2019  
Oh, I got that one...!
May 2nd, 2019  
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