19 - November champagne meal by obsidian

19 - November champagne meal

Every month I do a champagne meal for Jo and I. I have been doing it for nearly three years now and it's something we look forward to.

We should have been in Edinburgh ... and we had a meal booked at The Kitchin as an early celebration for our anniversary.

But ... since that was off, I decided to order HAAR at home which is from a restaurant run by Dean Banks who was a finalist of Masterchef.
I added a few bits such as the cheeseboard, tomatoes and the mushrooms.

Have to say it was a lovely meal. You do need to have some cooking knowledge and good timing but at least all the prep was done.

Will catch up with comments over the weekend. But thank you to everyone who has taken the time to view, comment and fav.
Lovely idea, that looks so indulgent and delicious, I remember Dean from a couple of years ago, great chef
November 19th, 2020  
Your shots are making me hungry! Well done!
November 20th, 2020  
That is fantastic, and Happy Anniversary. I could feel the saliva forming very quickly, think I might be tempted to do something like that as a treat for me!
November 20th, 2020  
November 20th, 2020  
Looks like a delicious 😋 meal
November 20th, 2020  
Looks great!
November 21st, 2020  
Great collage
November 21st, 2020  
A champagne dinner every month? What a truly splendid idea :-)
November 21st, 2020  
@ricksnap @marlboromaam @yvonnelowe53 @katford @carolmw @photographycrazy @bkbinthecity @boxplayer

Thank you all! It was a lovely change from our normal champagne meal!
December 2nd, 2020  
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