New Battery by octogenarian

New Battery

When the battery goes dead the camera is dead, and you are almost dead, too. My little Coolpix is the camera that fits into my pocket and is thus my best camera, even though the Fuji is of better quality, but it is a tad too big.

There are no small stores anymore that would carry gazillion types of batteries, so all you can do is order by Internet. But that works, and in a few days a huge DHL truck comes to your door and a friendly guy hands you the envelope containing a 31 x 43 x 7 mm item. :-)
Good for you, I hope to see spring at your place now.
April 16th, 2018  
Ha ha! All of it so true.
April 16th, 2018  
@ingajohansson I saw some catkins today. I don't know if they were new, or if they were maybe leftovers from last year. :-)
April 16th, 2018  
@mostlyfiveohthree Yes, and so silly when you hold the tiny battery in your hand and see the huge truck drive away. :-)
April 16th, 2018  
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