Lev by overalvandaan


For get pushed challenge set by Tim to try silhouettes. I thought I'd try with a lamp behind Lev, to create his face in profile. It was already past his bedtime, so I only took a couple, but feel I should have experimented more.

Also for One Week Only, Silhouettes, 4/7
@tdaug80 thanks for the challenge, it's one I really like and haven't yet investigated that much. Definitely one I will try again soon!
June 29th, 2019  
I experimented with this challenge, too. It is harder than I expected. Here I think the background needs to be lighter to give some contrast to the subject in silhouette. Maybe you could illuminate the wall behind the subject. I have a couple of shots that I took at sunset last night, but I haven't posted them, yet.
June 30th, 2019  
I really like the effect here. And the ideas of doing it differently. I look forward to seeing your efforts.
June 30th, 2019  
Mooi gedaan!
June 30th, 2019  
Mooie ietwat mysterieuze foto!
June 30th, 2019  
You got the light where it mattered most, but maybe more would have been even better. But I do like that you can see detail in his hair and the shape of his ear.
June 30th, 2019  
Well done. Great portrait.
June 30th, 2019  
Misschien niet perfect maar wel mysterieus en dat maakt de foto speciaal.
June 30th, 2019  
@tdaug80 yes, definitely more experimenting required on my side, it's as you say more difficult than I thought. Will try your suggestion too and hope to do one with a sunset.
June 30th, 2019  
what a handsome profile. this is very good, saxa. aces!
July 1st, 2019  
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