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This is my first 365 project. I live in Michigan. One of my sisters told me about 365 last year but I was not ready for it. I'm glad that I decided to go for it this year. I am truly enjoying myself and I love looking at every ones photos. I love taking photos. My goal is to improve on my picture taking, get new ideas & learn some new techniques. I'm really trying to work on taking a photo that is clear, sharp and focused.

Starting my second year of 365. I really enjoyed my first year even though some days were quite the challenge. Hopefully 2016 is better.

Going for my third year and I have to say I still enjoy doing this. Hopefully things go smoother this year. I want to post more than I did last year but not feel like I have to post every day.

I have started my fourth year. I still enjoy seeing everyone's photos and taking my own to post.