Tonal Paradise by pasttheirprime

Tonal Paradise

A grand day out today.

I officially started 11 days leave as of Friday evening, but haven't really had the opportunity to capitalise on it until today.

Today we travelled a short distance to a view point near Ringstead, overlooking Weymouth Bay and Portland, complete (as is currently the case) with the resident cruise ships that await the revival of the tourist trade.

The weather was incredible today, with just a few whisps of clouds providing some texture in what otherwise would have been a very featureless sky.

Delighted to have felt the sun on my face, heard the multiple skylarks and generally (and genuinely) felt the tension leave my being for a good number of hours.

Finished the day off with a BBQ back at the homestead. Nothing burnt. Must buy a lottery ticket...



Sounds like a fabulous day! I wish we lived nearer the coast- Northampton is as far as you can get from the coast in all directions!
March 30th, 2021  
@pamknowler We used to live in Northamptonshire - the small town of Raunds. Plenty of lovely places to visit (and indeed photograph) but absolutely nowhere near the sea! Thanks for your comment... Stu
March 30th, 2021  
Wonderful - hope your days off are fun filled
March 30th, 2021  
Yes,it was a beautiful day today. Your seascape captures that perfection
March 30th, 2021  
Wow, that's cool!
March 31st, 2021  
Omg! Amazing peaceful view!
April 6th, 2021  
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