Taxi Run by pcoulson

Taxi Run

This was take by me from the flight engineers sit in AVRO Lancaster NX611 "Just Jane" at the East Kirkby Air Show as we taxied along the flight line.
Wow another item ticked off the bucket list before I pop my clogs!
"Just Jane" was built by Austin Motors at Longbridge near Birmingham, in April 1945. Given the serial number NX611, she was one of the first 150 B Mk VII Avro Lancasters destined as part of the RAF's Tiger Force in the Far East.
In Lincolnshire determined to commemorate the death of their brother Chistopher who was killed on the Nuremburg Raid in March 1944, and all of the men who served in Bomber Command, Fred and Harold Panton had decided to purchase a Second World War Bomber.
When some land came up for sale which included part of the defunct East Kirkby airfield they bought it. Some areas of concrete and a few buildings still stood on the old airfield, in a state of disrepair. They used part of the area to set up a chicken farm. However, with the idea of owning an exhibition aircraft still foremost in their in their minds, they also began to renovate the "working area" of the airfield. That included building a new hangar, where an original T2 hangar had stood there during the war years.
In September 1983, NX611 was finally purchased by Fred and Harold and, four years later, after completing an agreed total of ten years gate guardian at RAF Scampton, she was brought to East Kirkby, courtesy of the RAF.
After many man-hour's and thousands of £'s spent and restoration work completed with all four engines tested and running soundly they now had a fully operational taxiing standard aircraft that is now used to give the paying public the chance to ride in a Lancaster Bomber,
Great shot and a fabulous experience.
The gate guardian when we were at Scampton was this one predecessor Lancaster R5868 Q-Queenie/S-Sugar. I think it is at Hendon now.
My two favourite aircraft are the Lancaster and the Vulcan, both at Scampton during our time there and now the Red Arrows are there.
August 9th, 2016  
Thank you for your interesting reply Babs, I can remember S - Sugar at the main gate, your correct it is now at the RAF Museum at Hendon seen it there also,
Ghost :-
S-Sugar is reputedly haunted and the apparition of a gunner has been reported manning one of the aircraft's gun turrets and the sounds of crewmen at work on the aircraft have apparently been recorded late at night. OMG:)
The current gate guardian at RAF Scampton is a former Red Arrows Hawk T.1 XX306
August 9th, 2016  
Don,t you get to take off Peter?? Nice shot.
August 9th, 2016  
@peterlgrave Not at all Peter just 4 fast taxi runs, it is only licensed to taxi it still requires millions of pounds and 18 months of refit work to fly, its only the money that holding it back as its privately owned:)
August 9th, 2016  
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