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Mum of 2, living in Surrey, UK. Originally did this project for 2 years, when my kids were small (from 2012) and loved it. A great place to experiment with different photography techniques (without being restricted to a certain style) and get inspired by others.

A couple of themes / competitions I've won on 365:

Monthly theme - Depth of field

Get pushed - portrait with focus on feet

A few of my images that have reached the PP (with thanks to Alex Birkhill) include:


You can find me online here:

Website - https://pauladeegan.co.uk/

Instagram - http://instagram.com/pauladeeganphotography

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pauladeeganphotography

I'm still connected to some lovely photographers I met on 365 several years ago. So nice to see that some of you are still here :-)