Lunch in the Making at Dilworth Soup Kitchen by peggysirk

Lunch in the Making at Dilworth Soup Kitchen

The numbers involving food insecurity and hunger are staggering, as are the numbers involving food waste.
In Mecklenburg County, 15% of households are considered food insecure.
1 in 6 households with children aren't sure where the next meal will come from.
1 in 10 seniors are food insecure.
40% of food produced in the US ends up in landfills.
133 billion pounds of food is wasted annually.
8% of greenhouse gas emissions are a result of food waste.
$1,866.00 is the cost of food wasted by the average American family each year.
Some Good Things (about today's DSK lunch):
1. We picked the gorgeous tomatoes from Patterson's Farm as members of the Society of St. Andrew's Gleaning Project...tomatoes that would otherwise be plowed under in the field.
2. The chicken used in the Curried Chicken Salad was donated by Trader Joe's and smoked/shredded by Mac's Speed Shop restaurant.
3. The eggs we hard boiled to include with lunch were part of Trader Joe's weekly donation pick up.
4. Dinner rolls were a part of the weekly donation pick up from our neighborhood Publix grocery store.
5. Two hundred hungry people were served a delicious lunch today with beautiful food that would have been destined for a landfill.
Great capture and wonderful good things. Food waste has been an issue since I was young. My Dad worked for Kroger for over 40 years and remember him talking about all the perfectly good food thrown out each day. That was over 40 years ago - you would think we would be able to figure this out by now!
July 23rd, 2021  
Such sad statistics. Such wonderful donations. Such gracious people to make it happen. And those tomatoes look heavenly!
July 23rd, 2021  
Amazing list of dreary facts & figures there….so much needless waste but at the other end so much hunger… supposedly rich countries the gap between those without & those with too much is astonishing. Thanks to your regular generous suppliers….your work is vital Peggy!
July 23rd, 2021  
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