Robert Morris Sports Dome by pej

Robert Morris Sports Dome

It is actually a big bubble of air. There is no structure on the inside to support the dome just air pressure. It has two primary uses. One is an indoor golf driving range and the other is a practice facility for the Robert Morris University Lacrosse team. It is a nice place to go on a frigid day like today to hit a bucket of balls. I was there today to work off the rust but I'm afraid I will need a few more times before I can get the swing back in shape. Fortunately spring is far off yet.

This dome collapsed once during a thunderstorm. To see the news report on this click the link:

There are 42 stalls for hitting balls. The length of the range is 100 yards to the back end of the structure. It is reinforced at that end so no golf ball will penetrate the dome material. There is field turf on the floor for the lacrosse players to run around on. They can put at least 3 practice fields side by side inside the dome.

One last tidbit of information for all of you not familiar with our area. The sports dome is located on the western tip of Neville Island which is a large island in the Ohio river. This portion of the island was called poison park years ago because of the industrial waste buried there. It was all cleaned up and now contains two soccer fields, an indoor ice arena for hockey, a scull boat facility, miniture golf, and the sports dome.
Great capture, Paul.
January 20th, 2020  
The city I grew up in had a tennis bubble :)
January 20th, 2020  
What an interesting narrative. It must be scary to be in one of these if it collapses!! But what a great way to play in all weathers. Watched the news item - wow!
January 22nd, 2020  
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