No Inspiration Today by pej76

No Inspiration Today

Some days I just come up with a blank for photo ideas. The one shot I took today was of the instructions on how to cook the pizza. They were quite clear but turning on the stove was a challenge. Ironic that I could run a CT scanner and know my way around computers but can not turn on the oven. My wife got home just in time 😄
I hope it was good
September 23rd, 2022  
@bkbinthecity It was. Like I said, the wife got home just in time.
September 23rd, 2022  
:) my brother-in-law is oven shopping and was just complaining they are too high-tech for him!
September 23rd, 2022  
Ha ha, that made me smile!
My fan oven failed 2 days ago. Spare part arrived this morning to put a new fan in but.....hubby just left to teach sailing for the next 8 days so I shall be cooking on the hob only til he gets back!
We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Glad she came home in time!
September 23rd, 2022  
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