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I am now turned 80, so therefore I do not get about as fast, or as far as I would like.
So my photography is confined to my house & garden
In a few weeks I shall be starting my second year, and I am looking forward to making even more friends, and exchanging views on every matter under the sun. Keep your comments coming in, I love it.
Update. September 2016 I live in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, South England..
Update. January 2017. I am going to encourage more members to join us on Skype, some say it is like old fashioned "Pen pals" It is, so why don't you try it. My address is
Up date. January 1st 2018. Not changing very much, will try harder to get others to join us on Skype, it really is good fun.
Jan 2020 Stlll posting most days however no luck with new members on skype, will keep trying this new year