Chips With Everything : Seaside Fayre by phil_howcroft

Chips With Everything : Seaside Fayre

Seaside Fayre, chips with everything.

Bright Blue tables bolted to the floor, bench seats bolted to the floor. Looks like you might get green tables next door and the bars seperating the two rival 'restaurants' do have a serious look of prison bars.

I cannot comment on the quality of the fayre available at either of the two establishments in the shot, perhaps I will let the image speak for itself.

It certainly brings a new meaning to the the term "Café Bars"

Worth viewing large if you have time.

Post processed in GIMP and G'MIC with some saturation boost !
Cool shot
October 31st, 2014  
I love this shot Phil. You are right, chips with everything! Made me smile. Love all the color and repetition.
October 31st, 2014  
Love the repetition and all those wonderful colours
October 31st, 2014  
Yes...that was my thought..LOTs of chips!! Must be a popular place. Lots of great colors and lines Phil
October 31st, 2014  
Great colourful shot. Chips don't have to be the best if eaten with a seaside smell in the air!
October 31st, 2014  
Quite a selection to chose from, Phil. Great capture to show both cafe'/bars. The food doesn't seem to be the most healthy.
October 31st, 2014  
@sangwann spot on dione, very unhealthy !!

@newbank newbank, i don't think the chips here could evr be described as the 'best'

@eyesmile thanks gena, I bet you are glad yodou n't have cafe's like this in the US :)

@swilde cheers sue, the colours aree fab, can't say the same for the food !!!

@seattle thanks constance, i hope your hong kong trip was a good one

thanks kerri @kerristephens
November 1st, 2014  
Seems to be everything but fish & chips there........all cheap & cheerful but doesn't just appeal somehow!!
November 3rd, 2014  
@happypat i agree pat, it doesn't appeal !!!! I don't want to appear snobby or despresptful to those who eat there....but one has to ask the question Why ?
November 3rd, 2014  
@phil_howcroft indeed my feelings exactly but they no doubt do a roaring trade...think I am too old for establishments such as this.
November 4th, 2014  
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