Urban Walk by phil_howcroft

Urban Walk

We went to the 'duck park' on Sunday afternoon and on the way back nipped down onto an industrial estate to see what units were down there.

It was also an opportunity for a gritty urban shot. The light was fading and the ISO bumped up a bit, but I grabbed a Ruby, Claire and Jane shot as they walked back up the hill

Edited in GIMP, with a G'MIC enhance of dynamic range and then a retro film emulation.

It might lend itself to mono, but I like the red'ish bricks and bits of grass. Oh and a Ruby being a whippet, she cannot resist a sniff of any bit of grass she walks by :)

The best look we have had of your three girls ever! I wonder if they knew you were taking it! Very nice everyday capture Lhil.
November 3rd, 2014  
@happypat thanks pat, my girls appeared quite a lot in the lead up to the wedding and the wedding too
November 3rd, 2014  
Awesome shot
November 3rd, 2014  
Great grungy shot...love all the reds
November 4th, 2014  
They are really striding it out up that slope. I think Ruby is not going to get even a sniff of that smell!
November 4th, 2014  
Nicely presented Phil...love that you left it in color as well. Something about bric needing to be red. What a lovely family you have!!!
November 4th, 2014  
Monty is at one with Ruby and sniffing. I couldn't work out what was odd about this until I realised that they are walking uphill! Not used to those...
November 4th, 2014  
Nice candid action capture Phil
November 4th, 2014  
Lovely shot :)
November 5th, 2014  
@judithg it's often an uphill struggle in Arnold Judith

@willowdragon thanks Al

@eyesmile awwww thanks gena for the nice words

@busylady thanks judith

@maggiemae ahh maggie the thing is when i have the lead i am too soft and let her sniff !!!

@swilde thanks sue :) grungy indeed :)

@kerristephens thnx kerri
November 6th, 2014  
I have the same struggle when processing urban shots. B&W seems to suit the subject but the tones of brick are so appealing. I like the contrast of the dark clothing (and Ruby) against the red of the brick.
November 7th, 2014  
I like how you all take the dog for a walk leaving you with the opertunity to get a shot or two.
November 16th, 2014  
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