North Sea View by phil_howcroft

North Sea View

This is a shot from when we did our day trip to Skeggy at the end of October

A young man looking thoughtful out to the bleak North Sea with it's green wind turbines and a trawler moving into the frame.

Looks grim but in it's own way it is kind of rather nice !

Oh yes, there's something magical about the simple view. Was it 'bracing in Skegness?'
November 20th, 2016  
I rather like wind turbines. These ones are rather orderly! I like the figure off-centre.
November 21st, 2016  
I wonder what he's thinking? Maybe he's just watching the blades of the turbines revolve.
Fab candid and composition and great use of letterbox crop as ever.
You wish you had my abstract eye, I wish I had your letterbox composition one. ;-)
November 21st, 2016  
@dulciknit thanks alison for your lovely comment , when i do my letterboxes i am just cropping out uninteresting bit :)

@quietpurplehaze i like wind turbines too haze, they are very beautiful

@busylady always bracing in skeggy judith :)
November 21st, 2016  

They also make me think of my dear Auntie Betty who is no longer wth us: when we got to the moor in Cornwall where they are a few turbines, I knew we were soon going to see her.
November 22nd, 2016  
Beautifully composed shot, Phil. The wind turbines add interest in the image but I do not think they are enjoyable to see - though necessary. Some years ago our government came out with the idea of building a wind farm in our territorial waters but there was a lot of opposition to it and the idea was abandoned.
November 22nd, 2016  
Nice mono image, Phil...
November 22nd, 2016  
Never seen a wind farm like this one! Imagine installing all those! All that free power now - well not exactly free but the wind doesn't ask for payment!
November 22nd, 2016  
All the above plus cool reflection!
November 24th, 2016  
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