100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 122 : Kat by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 2 : No. 122 : Kat

We went to Skegness for a daytrip on Thursday.

It is mandatory for people from Nottingham to make a daytrip or two during the year.

We walked about 12.5 miles up and down the coast on a sunny but very bracing day (temp ranging from 3C to 5C)

In Skegness town centre there are two iconic fish and chip shops next to the roundabout by the clock tower. In summer they are always packed with happy diners enjoying a Great British tradition.

On a cold February afternoon they weren't quite as busy and I took a picture of them. The manager clocked me taking a picture and I nodded in acknowledgement. I thought the manager or his young assistant might make great strangers, so I introduced myself to them and told them about the 100 strangers project.

Neither of them were that keen on having a photo took, but the manager said he knew someone who would love to and introduced me to Kat, who was working behind the counter.

So I went through my intro again explaining about the project,

Kat agreed to become stranger 122. I took quite a few pictures of Kat, but wanted to show her work environment, so I included part of the sign-age for the shop i.e. "Frying Cod and Haddock" which was part of the menu display.

Kat has worked at the shop for just over a year and lives in nearby Sutton on Sea.

Kat was really friendly and at ease as I directed her how to pose and where to stand.

Oh and the chip shop was named "Harry Ramsbottoms" , which both Kat and myself smiled at as it was a cheeky play on names to the UK chip shop brand "Harry Ramsdens"

The chip shop was spotlessly clean, so Kat and her team were doing a good job in maintaining an excellent level of hygiene

Thank you for being stranger number 122 Kat.

The image was edited in Darktable and GIMP.

I am sure you will all agree that Kat is a lovely "front of house" face for Harry Ramsbottoms :)

To find out more about the 100 strangers project and see pictures taken by other photographers, look at the following Flickr Group page


My own strangers can be seen here:


love the story behind the shot. I would love to do 100 strangers...but would be too shy, even though I talk to EVERYONE!
February 25th, 2018  
@huvesaker Boo, it is not that difficult,,,,reallly...most people are pleased to have their photo took. I am rarely refused :) thank you for your visit
February 25th, 2018  
@phil_howcroft I shall try and be brave and start in the spring...gives me a few months to pluck up the courage!
February 25th, 2018  
@huvesaker Boo, I post my images here on 365 and also on flickr. , There is a flickr community dedicated to 100 strangers , take a peek at the links in my narrative. I look forward to seeing you start in the spring :)
February 25th, 2018  
@phil_howcroft oooh COOL! Now I want to start as soon as possible! 365 takes a lot of my own time then the children take the rest! Cool project
February 25th, 2018  
Great portrait. Some good walking on the coast lots of seals, my Dad used to have a caravan at Mablethorpe many years ago and we used to join him for weekends with my stepmother, now both sadly deceased. I remember Skegness very well. 😃
February 25th, 2018  
I laughed when I read Harry Ramsbotyoms, a good old Lancashire name if ever there was one! Kat was very obliging, her boss obviously knew her quite well to put her forward for a photo! Very nice photo Phil.
February 25th, 2018  
Beautiful portrait shot and background. Great narrative.
February 25th, 2018  
Wonderful portrait!
February 25th, 2018  
Awesome shot
February 26th, 2018  
Fish and chips in skeggy, you know how to live it up Phil. Twelve and a half mile walk, good distance and a good shot too.
February 26th, 2018  
Lovely lady...
February 26th, 2018  
@denidouble @happypat @sangwann @kwind @kerristephens @gamelee @ivan thanks everyone for your kind comments on Kat's photo and your ongoing support, many thanks
February 27th, 2018  
Whenever I hear or see the name Ramsbottom I think of this (and the other Holloway monolugues) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaw-savyK0s
I like the depth in this, a nice separation between Kat and her background with the 'tells' of the fish wallpaper and heated cabinets clear but not distracting.
Kat herself is nicely lit and does indeed look very wecoming.
March 3rd, 2018  
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